Professional Experience

National Institutes of Health 11/2022- Present

Digital Information Specialist

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Serves as the Federal lead to manage digital projects with CIT Divisions, Offices, and Centers (DOCs), including developing new websites, consolidating websites, GovDelivery newsletters, and creating new digital content.
  • Applies web analytics and search engine optimization (SEO) data to improve the user experience, reach, and performance of CIT’s intranet and external facing website.
  • Maintains and fosters working relationships with DOCs to ensure digital standards are upheld, track forthcoming announcements, and develop new digital content.
  • Advises content developers in DOCs about optimal ways to present their content using customer-centric principles and make data-driven decisions on updating, changing, or retiring content.
  • Strategizes new ways to enhance CIT’s newsletters on GovDelivery and foster buy-in from DOCs to convert their newsletters, campaigns, and other digital communications to GovDelivery to track performance and continuously improve content.
  • Serves as project manager for internal and external web redesign projects; defining scope, sprint planning, approving wireframes, conducting listening sessions with website stakeholders to find out pain points, and strategizing which content is retained, removed, and archived.
  • Responsible for creating and improving CIT’s digital SOP’s and content lifecycle plan to govern digital content ensuring its relevance.

Millennium Challenge Corporation      04/2019- 11/2022

Web Content Strategist and Manager

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Ensures Millennium Challenge Corporation’s (MCC) website content remains up to date by adhering to and updating the web content maintenance plan.
  • Creates HTML mark-up of documents, images and charts and their subsequent posting to the website using Dreamweaver and WordPress content management system, respectively to ensure accessibility.
  • Maximize exposure of MCC’s content by strategizing the best digital platforms and timing for agency messaging.
  • Plans and executes social media content via Hootsuite for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube to drive awareness of MCC programs and lead engagement and conversation on development matters.
  • Created a web content archiving plan to ensure dated content or content that was no longer usable was removed from the website and accessible for historical purposes.
  • Creating and revising web and social media policies to ensure consistent messaging and tone across platforms.
  • Works collaboratively with MCC subject matter experts from various departments to conceptualize, develop and maintain strategic and routine content that describes MCC’s programs and initiatives as well as timely posting of mandated reports and data.
  • Advises and trains staff on web policies, web best practices and MCC visual style and branding to ensure best practices are met as well as recommend changes to policies when current practices no longer meet mission requirements or industry standards.
  • Develops and edits content including web content, press releases, emails and social media posts that supports MCC’s communication campaigns, key initiatives and programs while also aligning with overall agency priorities.
  • Monthly tracking and reporting on analytics (web and social media) to help MCC determine where to focus resources to expand existing web content, remove unused content and apply best practices SEO techniques to content.
  • Weekly tracks progress on various projects (both long- and short-term) using SharePoint which is subsequently reported to stakeholders at many levels.
  • Develops evaluation plans, procedures, and methodologies to evaluate the effectiveness of digital communication products to ensure department goals and objectives are met.
  • Contributes to the formulation, presentation and execution of team and departmental digital plans that support short and long-range agency goals and objectives.
  • Develops training materials as well as trains agency employees on how to use MCC’s WordPress content management system and other digital technologies. 
  • Responsible for maintaining and updating user roles and access to WordPress content management system as needed.
  • Guides stakeholders to develop and present Agency information online utilizing best practices in SEO, plain language, Section 508, and web management principals.
  • Leveraging knowledge and experience in content strategy to lead the development of new content (videos, new pages, etc.) and getting cleared content to post as part of a highly coordinated agency announcement.
  • Develops policies, standards and best practices that govern web content maintenance, review, and functionality.
  • Collaborates and provides expert advice to stakeholders across the agency including the Office of the Chief Executive Officer (OCEO) to create and post internal and external communications to convey policies, regulations, and new initiatives.

U.S. Postal Service     04/2018- 10/2018

Interactive Digital Communications Specialist

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Ensured web content uses plain-language and is Section 508 compliant.
  • Edited web copy, articles, news releases and other materials as needed to communicate to various audiences.
  • Managed assignments and workload of a contracting staff of webmasters to ensure efficiency and timeliness of projects and daily work.
  • Managed USPS web presence which includes the agency’s websites (internal and external) and other digital communication efforts.
  • Planned, develops and communicates the organization’s programs, policies and activities by meeting with business stakeholders to understand and determine the extent of their requests and subsequently, provides timelines for updates/projects and writes, reviews and edits web copy, press releases and service alerts. 

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services     05/2016- 03/2018

Public Affairs Specialist

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provided support for Health and Human Services (HHS) websites by working collaboratively with various departments’ subject matter experts to continuously improve content and user experience.
  • Ensured web content uses plain-language, is Section 508 compliant, offers user-centered design principles, and follows other best practices and HHS standards and polices.
  • Used Drupal and Percussion web content management systems to ensure that internal and external websites are accurate, usable, and accessible.
  • Employed the use of Google Analytics metrics, usability testing, survey results and other performance data to improve as well as cross-agency websites.
  • Fostered and maintained collaborative relationships with representatives throughout the organization including management, webmasters, and information technology staff to improve digital content, internet technologies, foster compliance with digital standards including section 508, and otherwise ensures HHS digital content is accessible, accurate, and up-to-date.
  • DCD’s liaison for website–creating meetings and agendas for the editorial board, posted content to Foodsafety’s Twitter account, managed the editorial calendar of events, posted blogs and made content updates to the website.
  • Served as Product Owner or lead for a project team to implement new products on enhanced features of an existing product using the Agile Project Management methodology. As the Office of the Chief Information Officer’s (OCIO) Product Owner, was tasked with conducting project planning activities including collecting requirements and defining scope, developing project plans and timelines, and determining resource requirements as well as keeping the client abreast of project activities.
  • Edited and posted OCIO’s CyberCare survey to ensure clarity of complex cybersecurity information to audiences with diverse levels of understanding.
  • Updated social media properties, specifically LinkedIn on an as-needed basis. Additionally, provides support to StaffDivs should they have questions about creating their own social media presence.
  • Strategized the best platform (social or web) to amplify StaffDivs/OpDivs messaging. 

Doctors Community Hospital     02/2014- 05/2016

Marketing and Communications Specialist

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Liaised with graphic design vendor Ironmark in coordinating the production and design of the monthly employee newsletter Hospital Happenings.
  • Fostered relationships with hospital executives and management in order to obtain interviews to write articles for monthly publication in Hospital Happenings.
  • Managed photographers as well as served as the in-house photographer at various hospital events. Photos were later used for Hospital Happenings, the hospital’s website and social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter).
  • Worked with graphic design and web development vendors to create and manage the award-winning social media campaign (We’re Here) as well as other successful campaigns including: Meet Our Doctors and About Us.
  • Daily developed, published and maintained digital content for Doctors Community Hospital’s forward-facing website and social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) using Drupal content management system and Hootsuite, respectively.
  • Produced monthly metric reports on Doctors Community Hospital’s social media campaigns and website traffic using Google Analytics, Hootsuite and Facebook Insights and made recommendations on improvements to maximize the effectiveness of communication with target audiences.
  • Coordinated news media visits and press events to develop intercommunication between the hospital and the public.
  • Developed a social media editorial calendar and published new content at regular intervals to keep users engaged and up to date.
  • Served as back-up Public Information Officer for the hospital’s Emergency Management team. Tasked with communicating the hospital’s status (internally and externally) during emergency drills and in the event of an actual emergency.
  • Coordinated video shoot with a professional videographer and several hospital doctors. Wrote and interviewed hospital doctors in order to create informative topical videos for our patient population.